Elderly Weight Gain - How to pack some pounds on your elderly loved one

Does Your Elderly Loved One Need to Gain Weight?

Involuntary Weight Loss - There IS Hope!

Although many people struggle to lose weight, the elderly often have the opposite problem. But gaining weight in the elder years can be extremely difficult due to:

  • lack of appetite
  • loss of interest in food
  • diet restrictions
  • food issues
  • depression
  • and more

If you need information and tips on how to help your elderly loved one gain weight, you've come to the right place.

What is Unintentional Weight Loss?

The elderly are especially at risk for unintentional weight loss, which is clearly associated with an increased risk of disease and death. Unintentional weight loss simply means losing weight without meaning to - an involuntary loss of weight, with or without explanation. Involuntary weight loss is a common and serious problem for the elderly that can result from medical, psychosocial or age-related issues. In about 25% of elderly patients suffering from unintentional weight loss, however, a specific cause is never identified.

How to Pack Some Pounds on Your Elderly Loved One

Helping your loved one gain weight takes time and patience. But we've done it and so can you! On this site, we'll share products we use and tips we've learned during our ongoing adventure helping our mom gain weight and keep it on.


Eat nutritious calorie-dense foods to gain weight Nutritious, calorie-dense meals and snacks are the key to elderly weight gain success.

Now is the time to enjoy foods that may have been "too fattening" at a younger age!